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Hello. I am Syed Mohammad Minhazul Islam. In virtual world known as minhazulOO7. I am an entrepreneur. Have my own (little) company. Loves tech. Certified mad at PC related matters. Also mad at hardware (ANY).

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A X99 Story:

Now this is an interesting story. My first HEDT PC is a X99 build. Every product selection was done by me. I did every research I could to ensure a performance + workstation build that I can use it anyway I like. I choose Mobo X99 Deluxe, CPU 6800K, RAM 32GB G.Skill TridentZ, GPU RX 480 (Yeah I know I am bottlenecking my CPU. Still using it) and HDD WD 2TB Black (For my storage). I had a SSD (Samsung 850 EVO 250GB) previously for my boot drive.

Now the fun begins. After I bought the products, I came home and started assembling my new build. After finishing assembling fired up my PC. WALA! No response at all! Not booting up! Tried every solution I could but it didn’t worked. Later I understood Mobo (1st) was DOA. Next day I straight went to the shop (where I bought) and changed my Mobo. Again coming back to home and assembled the PC. NOW IT WORKS! DAYUM! SMOOTH AS BUTTER! I was like in a heavenly relaxed position. Used it 1 and a half month without any issue. Then again a prob strikes! Again it wasn’t booting at all! Tried everything in my end. Didn’t worked. As usual I went to the shop with my chassis. I took my chassis to the shop where I bought my CPU. They checked Mobo and PSU, PSU (Thermaltake M650W. I personally don’t like Tt because of their quality) was fine. The Mobo (2nd) was dead. For solid surety I took my chassis to the shop where I bought the Mobo and told them to check. They checked. Same result Mobo is dead. So they replaced the Mobo (3rd) with a new one . I was thinking that for the weak PSU my Mobo was dead. So I bought PSU CM V750 and UPS PowerGuard 2KV from them (Mobo shop). Again my PC works without any prob. Just after 15-20 days again a prob strike backs! Now this time it was a data corruption issue. Again as usual I tried everything I could to fix it. Nothing happened. Again I went to the shop (Mobo) for fixing my PC. They told me to check the RAM. They told me to go to the CPU shop because they brought those RAM from them. So I went to the CPU shop. I told them to check my RAM. They installed those RAM in a working showcase PC in there shop. And told me to play some game. I played some game. No crash or hang whatsoever. Also no data corruption. So they said result in your front. RAM ARE OK! I went to the Mobo shop and said the result. They we’re shocked! At this point I just don’t like X99 Deluxe Mobo at all. So I add some money and replaced my Mobo with a brand new ROG Rampage V Edition 10 (4th). It was my dream Mobo. So after installing my new Mobo checked it and it was OK with no issue. Came back home. Using my PC nicely without any issue. But again that same prob strikes back! IT WAS THAT FREAKING DATA CORRUPTION ISSUE! AGAIN! I WAS LIKE IN SSJ MODE! (DBZ ;)) Took my chassis part to the shop. I had a doubt that my CPU is damaged. But they said CPU is OK. Still my instinct was telling me that CPU was damaged. So I took my chassis part to the shop where I bought the CPU. They checked it and ensured me that your Mobo is OK. So 3rd Mobo was OK! Because the events were 1 day earlier! I was relived. But they said CPU was damaged. My instinct was correct! They replaced it with a new one. Now it works perfectly! I came to home with my chassis with a peaceful mind and slept very very well.

4 months I digested this pain.

Got PhD in RMA… (Pun intended)

1 CPU, 2KB (Tt Poseidon Z RGB Blue, another case), 3 Mobo.

Alhamdulillah (All praise is due to Creator), now I AM RELIEVED! ^_^