Digital Sellers of Bangladesh

Digital Sellers of Bangladesh

Many person asks me for reliable and trust-able seller’s Facebook pages/ websites where they can buy without any issue. That’s why I created this list.

I can’t guarantee that all are 100% trust-able sellers.

Watch out! Many seller sells IND/ RUS/ ARS etc. region games. Also they will ask for your account credentials (username & pass). Beware of this. Not all are trusted. Talk to any friend before making any decision. You’re warned!

Names starting with “★” sign is my personal favorite.

Following a list of Facebook pages and websites in alphabetical order:

NameFacebook PageWebsite
8Bit Gaming ShopGoto pageGoto website
Arekta Coin StoreGoto pageGoto website
Cards Store Bangladesh - Shop4CardsGoto page (Login required)Goto website
Curious Craft Game ShopGoto pageGoto website
Deep Blue Digital - StoreGoto pageGoto website pageGoto website
EzygiftCardGoto pageGoto website
F1 Sports DirectGoto pageNone
Game Castle BDGoto pageNone
Game OnGoto pageGoto website
Game Station BDGoto pageNone
Game Store Bangladesh - GSBDGoto pageNone
GameQartGoto pageNone
Games DokanGoto page (Login required)Goto website
Games Mart BangladeshGoto page (Login required)None
GameShareGoto pageNone
Gaming Fortress BangladeshGoto pageGoto website
★ GaminionGoto pageGoto website
GearsBDGoto page (Login required)Goto website
Get Set Gaming - GSGGoto pageNone
Gift Card HouseGoto pageNone
Gift Cards Zone BdGoto pageGoto website
GOB Games Shop - Legit SectionGoto pageNone
★ Grim's Dungeon Of GoodiesGoto pageNone
Harvest Games StoreGoto pageNone
Hunter GamingGoto pageNone
Impex ComputerGoto pageGoto website
LastMinute Game ShopGoto pageNone
LKEYGoto pageGoto website
Online Game Shop Bangladesh - OGSBDGoto pageGoto website
Ovrok Gaming BangladeshGoto pageGoto website
PC Legit Games Shop BDGoto pageGoto website pageGoto website
RupkothaGoto pageNone
SHOPPEY BDGoto pageGoto website
Vibe GamingGoto pageNone

I will update it frequently. Stay Tuned!


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