Digital Sellers of Bangladesh

Digital Sellers of Bangladesh

Many person asks me for reliable and trust-able sellers/ groups/ pages/ sites where they can buy without any prob. That’s why I created this note.

I can’t guarantee that all are 100% trust-able sellers.

Watch out! Many seller sells Steam Store IND region game. Also they will ask for your steam account credentials (username & pass). Beware of this. Not all are trusted. Talk to any friend before making any decision. You’re warned!

Names starting with “★” sign is my personal favorite.

Following a list of fb groups, fb pages and websites in alphabetical order:

Name Fb Group Fb Page Website
8Bit Gaming Shop NoneGoto pageGoto website
F1 Sports DirectGoto groupGoto page None
Game OnGoto groupGoto pageGoto website
Game Shop Bangladesh NoneGoto pageGoto website
Game Wallet BangladeshGoto groupGoto page None
Games DokanGoto groupGoto pageGoto website
Games Mart Bangladesh NoneGoto pageGoto website
GameShare NoneGoto page None
Gaming Fortress BangladeshGoto groupGoto pageGoto website
GearsBDGoto groupGoto pageGoto website
Genuine Game & Software Shop – BDGoto group None None
Get Set Gaming – GSG NoneGoto page None
Gift Card House NoneGoto pageGoto website
Grim’s Dungeon Of GoodiesGoto groupGoto page None
Harvest Games StoreGoto groupGoto page None
Hunter game storeGoto groupGoto page None
Impex Computer NoneGoto pageGoto website
★ Kichukkhon Gaming NoneGoto pageGoto website
LKEY NoneGoto pageGoto website
Online Game Shop Bangladesh – OGSBD NoneGoto pageGoto website
Online Keys BD NoneGoto page None NoneGoto pageGoto website
Shop4Cards NoneGoto page None
Vibe GamingGoto groupGoto page None

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