What’s your Internet Speed?

One of the most common question of all time. Also don’t you want to know are you getting the advertised “speed” what you paid for? But at first lets discuss some basic.

In easy term, the advertised bandwidth ISP gave to a package or to a connection. In details, bandwidth means “maximum amount of data that can be transmitted via an internet provider over a certain period of time”.

The amount of speed you are getting in “Real Time” on your internet connection. It means what speed are you getting now.

Ping means how fast you can receive a response after sending a request.

How fast your internet connection can save something from internet is known as download speed.

If you copy something to internet like saving a file to a cloud drive, how fast your internet connection can do it is known as upload speed.

BDIX stands for “Bangladesh Internet Exchange” is Bangladesh’s first Internet Exchange Point (IXP). It provides physical interconnection for its members to exchange and route local (intranet) traffic through it. In this way users can get from 100Mb to 1000Mb bandwidth. They can also provide 10Gb bandwidth as per clients request. For more info goto this link.

GGC stands for “Google Global Cache”. This it notoriously known as “YouTube Speed” in Bangladesh. Usually user gets from 10Mb to 100Mb bandwidth in google base cached services. For more info goto this link.

To convert bandwidth from one unit to another like Mbit to kbit, Mibit to Kibit etc. goto this link.

To know how much time it will take to download a file according to your bandwidth goto this link.

Check your internet speed NOW!

Speedtest (Global)It will test your global speed with Speedtest servers. For Bangladeshi users, If you are using broadband connection, selected any server from Bangladesh or Speedtest automatically selected an “Optimized Server” from Bangladesh and also you are a “member of BDIX” then it will show you “BDIX” speed.Goto website
Speedtest (Singapore)It will test your global speed with Singapore’s NewMedia Express server. For Bangladeshi users, keep in mind that it will show you global speed.Goto website
FastIt will test your global speed with Netflix servers. For Bangladeshi or any cached users, it will show you “Cached” speed.Goto website

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